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How to work together?


The first step to earning money from your art in the digital space is to turn it into an asset. An asset that you can quickly sell and transfer safely. Nowadays, only one thing has such power: NFT (non-fungible token). Turning Artwork into a smart contract is called Mint, which is usually costly and time-consuming. Do not worry; we will do this for you at no cost.


After Mint, it’s time to show your Artwork to those interested in this field. It would help if you had practical tools and touchpoints, such as a website and social account, to do this properly. Having a website and Instagram account is not enough. It would be best if you were caught in the right place; we will fulfill it for you at no cost.


Yet, users who do the Mint and those with a perfect promotion plan can team up with us to buy and sell their digital assets. nftXO is a hub where you can meet up for free.


XO WorkFlow

1- Send Your Artworks

Through the form provided on the website

2- Approval by nftXO

Your artworks will be reviewed by our art team

3- Convert Artworks to NFT

Mint your artwork by nftXO

4- Create Digital Identity

Opensea account, Instagram, tweeter, website

5- Sell Your NFT

Sell Your NFT by nftXO

6- Get Money

Get Money by You